Voter and Election Integrity

The #1 priority of Alan’s #NCFirst platform is voter and election integrity. He will fight for common sense election laws like presenting voter ID, signature verification,  chain of custody controls, bipartisan observers, and cleaning up voter rolls.


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.


Alan supports immigration reform in order to create a system that embraces the values and importance of immigration while also respecting the rule of law. Alan wants to work to tighten our border security, close our open border, end chain migration, eliminate illegal immigrant sanctuary cities, and improve the work visa program.

foreign policy

Alan will work tirelessly to help remedy failing foreign policy issues of the Biden Administration. No more Afghanistan debacles and failures; challenge China and hold the Chinese accountable for spreading the corona virus; counter Russian interventions; return USA to a net exporter of oil products and as the World’s largest oil producer

public safety

Back the Blue! As one of Alan’s top priorities, he wants to build a safer Fourth District for everyone. In office, one of Alan’s primary objectives is to ensure additional funding and resources for law enforcement agencies to help them grow and improve. He promises to defend our police and to fight against any efforts to defund them. Alan fully realizes that building a safer Fourth District is key to making our district a better place for everyone. 


Alan wants to work to improve healthcare throughout the district, specifically by protecting Medicare/Medicaid, reducing the price of prescription drugs, reducing the abuse and waste within the system, and looking for block grants to help the state and district improve healthcare. 


Alan believes in the sanctity of all human life. In office, Alan will remain true to his pro-life stance to work to protect the rights of both the born and unborn.


Realizing the benefits it could create for the Fourth District, Alan is determined to make CD4 a greener place. Through using conservative, free-market approaches to lower our carbon footprint, we can make CD4 a cleaner place for all to enjoy while adding jobs to the workforce. 

second amendment

Alan proudly supports our Second Amendment. In Washington, Alan will fight to ensure that the Constitutional rights of our citizens to bear arms are never infringed upon.